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Other Worldly Planets

Translucent Green Alien Cum Lube

Translucent Green Alien Cum Lube

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Ever wanted to feel what it was like to experience Alien Cum? Look no further. Other Worldly Planets's Alien Cum is thick water-based slime lube that is great for use in Sci-Fi "scenes" and can be used with most if not every Ovipositor, eggs, cumming dildos, and other toys. It is also safe for use alone or during intercourse. If you find it too thick for your liking, it can be thinned with water; we recommended using distilled water.

Please note this product is very slippery, please use caution when utilizing this product during any kind of play. Alien Cum was created to be allergy friendly, thus we only use 3 ingredients in the clear base, for a simple product, that is genital on the most delicate of body parts.  Alien cum has a slippery wetness which allows for less applications during play than most other lubes, while providing a great feeling, that wont get sticky.

If color is selected, please note the color could permanently stain clothing and skin temporarily as dyes are used. If Shimmer selected, the shimmer is safe for internal use and could get on clothing and skin. This product is a novelty product, Buyer accepts all risk of use.

Materials and Ingredients

Our base product ingredients: Water, Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) and Citric Acid
Colors: FD&C Dyes (Yellow 5 and Blue 1)
Shimmer: FDA Approved Mica

Shipping & Returns

Our products are shipped discreetly in poly-bags, USPS Flat Rate Boxes, or regular cardboard boxes. We choose to ship with USPS and UPS.

At the current time Other Worldly Planets doesn't accept returns. Order cancellations must occur within 24 hours of order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

The quality of the lube is good and it met my expectations and it matched the description

We're glad to hear that our product's quality met your expectations! Thank you for your positive feedback.


The quality of the Iran is good and it met my expectations and it matched the description


Customer left a 1-star review.


The product is nice and sticky. My first package was lost in mail and I finally received my replacement about 1 months later. The packaging was damaged when I got it. I ordered 2 different lines in the large size and I think they are way too heavy for the paper packaging. It needs to be shipped in a box! But the customer service was good. Just think the shipping needs to be better.

Thank you for your feedback and for your patience throughout this process. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the shipping issues and damaged packaging. Your suggestions for improving our shipping methods are noted, and we'll work on implementing them to ensure a better experience for our customers.


Fantastic product, I've bought twice now and will continue to buy from and I enjoy the hand written message each time I've ordered! Also astronaut stickers are my favorite and receiving one with my order was a pleasant surprise!

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