Product Information

What is in Alien Cum?

Alien Cum was created and designed with allergies in mind, so we made it as simple as possible.

Our base product contains Water, Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) and Citric Acid. If you have a White or a Opaque color, we add Titanium Dioxide to the base. If you select a shimmer an FDA approved Mica will be added. Lastly for our colors we use FDA approved dyes; We list the FD&C dye on the product page for each color.

I have an allergy, can I use your product?

First and for most we sympathize with you and understand your frustration and share your concerns. Although every ones allergies and reactions vary, we can work with you and attempt to create Lube you can use.

If you have an allergy to a specific color, example Red 40, we have in the past been able to make colors with safe and natural "dyes" like Beet Root.

If you have an Allergy please send us a message and we can see what we can do to help you.

Where can I put Alien Cum?

You can place it directly to the genitals or or your toys.

Can I swallow Alien Cum?

You can ingest a little Alien Cum during "oral activities". However, we do not suggest drinking it like a soft drink or coffee.

Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) vs Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)

It is commonly misunderstood, and Google answers and ever Wikipedia gets it wrong a lot unless you understand chemistry at a high level. In short Polyethylene oxide (PEO) is NOT Polyethylene Glycol (PEG). This is important as people have allergies to Glycol, but an Oxide is much rarer. This is a personal reason for our product as our owner is allergic (anaphylactic) to Glycol, but not to Polyethylene Oxide.

For a more scientific answer between PEO and PEG is:
PEGs mainly refer to oligomers and polymers with molecular masses below 20,000 g/mol, while PEOs are polymers with molecular masses above 20,000 g/mol, and POEs are polymers of any molecular mass. In addition the word "glycol" refers to any organic compound containing two hydroxyl (OH) groups bound to different carbon atoms. Where "oxides" are chemical compounds with one or more oxygen atoms combined with another element.

What else is Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) used in?

Polyethylene Oxide (PEO) is in alot of items you probably use daily such as medicine, shampoo, lotions, lubricants, even some foods.

We buy from the same manufacturers, most of the big pharmaceutical, medicine, skin care companies utilize. Some of the companies are J&J, GSK, P&G, Tylenol, Bayer, Clinique, Bath and body works, and Garnier to name a few.

I have a $200+ expensive silicone toy, is Alien Cum Lube safe for my toy?

Alien Cum Lube is a water based lubricant. We have used it and even left it on a few expensive toys for a long time, to see if it would damage them. The longest test was two months with no damage.

Alien Cum Stains

Our colors can on occasion temporarily stain skin or fabric if prolong use occurs.

For skin: wash off excess with Warm soapy water.

For fabrics: Clean off excess with a paper towel. pre-treating with detergent is optional. Place in washer and wash with warm water. Don't dry with heat, until stain is removed.

Can I put Alien Cum down my drains?

Yes, we do it all the time. The key is Warm to hot water, the hotter it is the better.

If you use in the shower or bathtub please use EXTREME CAUTION. Alien Cum Lube is very slippery and get more slick with water until it dissipates.

Safety and Warning Information

I would like to use Alien Cum Heated or Chilled

Please use extreme caution when heating or chilling Alien Cum. Due to the viscosity of the product it is very easy to get burned if you put Alien Cum in the microwave or in the sub-zero part of your freezer.

Best solution if you would like to warm or cool your Alien Cum is to run water over the bottle in a sink. Be sure to test the lube on a not-as-sensitive part of your body (forearm or wrist) before putting it on more-sensitive areas.

Will Alien Cum Prevent me from getting pregnant

Our Alien Cum Lubricant does not contain any cum (sperm) from any species, earth-bound or extraterrestrial, within it.

However, it will not protect or prevent pregnancy from sexual intercourse.

It is recommended that if want to reduce your risk of pregnancy that you use condoms and talk to your healthcare professional.

Will Alien Cum Prevent me from getting STD / STI

Unfortunately, Alien Cum will not protect or prevent the contraction or spreading of STD / STI.

It is recommended that if want to reduce your risk of contracting or spreading of STD / STI, that you use condoms and talk to your healthcare professional.


Do you offer Military Discounts?

YES!!!! We were both military and love what the military does for us. We have teamed up with GOVX to provide 15% to Military, Veterans, and First Responders. You can navigate to the Military Discount link at the bottom of the page or click here.

Do you offer Adult Model or Industry Discounts?

We have at times been known to give models in all parts of the adult modeling industry a discount. You also don't have to be a 10/10 on the "hotness scale" or have 250K followers to ask or be selected. To discuss the possibility, send us an email at Service@OtherWorldlyPlanets.com.

Shipping Information

Where is my product shipping from?

Your product will be shipping from a town just north of Huntsville, Alabama, named Meridianville; about 10 miles from the Tennessee border.

Do you ship discreetly?

Yes! Our products are shipped discreetly in poly-bags, USPS Flat Rate Boxes, or regular cardboard boxes.

We don't place anything extra on the package except a fragile stickers on the 1 Gallon boxes.

Who do you ship with?

We choose to ship with USPS and UPS. FedEx has been very expensive for us to use.

My product broke in shipping, now what?

First we are so sorry. We know what the anticipation is like receiving a new product and not being able to enjoy it. We understand earthlings still use trucks🚚 on the road instead of spacecraft🛸, so we got you covered.

Send us a message using the chat feature or an email to Service@OtherWorldlyPlanets.com. Please include your Order number and a description of what was damaged. Lastly, if possible please provide multiple photos 📸 of the package and damaged products that arrived. We will work with you to make this right and send you new items ASAP.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely we do, we love our international customers! We however noticed that the shipping estimator did a really bad job of providing estimates of international shipments. So if you are international please contact us directly so we can get you the best shipping rates.

I want a 55 gallon drum of Alien Cum lube. Can that be shipped?

In short, Yes. We can ship any amount of Alien Cum. However after a certain size, about 5 gallons, regular shipping is expensive. Thus we will work with our fright partners. If you are interested in a large amount of Alien Cum please send us message.

How long does shipping take?

Most of our products leave within 3-4 days as we color each order after is is placed. Normally Shipping takes about 3-4 days. So you should have your product in 6-8 business days.

Where is my product?

If your product has shipped you should have received an email with a tracking number. You can also login and check your account.

For a USPS tracking number please visit:

For UPS tracking number please visit:

Other Questions

Did Aliens really bring us Alien Cum?

Unfortunately no 😞. But who knows we might be Aliens 👽. Or if Aliens live among us maybe they made some of the Polyethylene Oxide we use, lol. Although most days, my husband probably thinks I am an Alien 👽.

I own a store or am a distributor and would like to carry your products.

First we are elated that you like our product enough to carry it and share it with more people. We would absolutely like to discuss this possibility. Feel free to send us an email at Service@OtherWorldlyPlanets.com. You can also call or text us at 256-808-8583.

I am an Adult Toy Reviewer, or Influencer and would like to work with you.

Great, we would love to hear from you to discuss the possibility. Feel free to send us an email at Service@OtherWorldlyPlanets.com.

I have other questions that I can't find on here...

First we are terribly sorry we didn't have the answer to your question. However if you send us a message using the chat feature or an email to Service@OtherWorldlyPlanets.com we will get back to you ASAP.

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