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Other Worldly Planets

Custom Color or Size Alien Cum Lube

Custom Color or Size Alien Cum Lube

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If you are looking for that special color or a large amount to match your special occasion or fulfill your fantasy, this is for you. Reach out to our staff and we can attempt to meet your requirements.

If you have allergies to dyes but really want that color, for example Red 40, send us a message. We have multiple natural color options such as beet root, Anthocyanin, Carbo Vegetabilis, etc..., that we can try and match you with.

Please note the price will be adjusted to meet your request. Most custom request are only a few dollars more than the regular listed price for the similar item. Production time might be a few days longer depending on if we have the "dyes" on hand.

If color is selected, please note the color could permanently stain clothing and skin temporarily as dyes are used. If Shimmer selected, the shimmer is safe for internal use and could get on clothing and skin. This product is a novelty product, Buyer accepts all risk of use.

Materials and Ingredients

Shipping & Returns

Our products are shipped discreetly in poly-bags, USPS Flat Rate Boxes, or regular cardboard boxes. We choose to ship with USPS and UPS.

At the current time Other Worldly Planets doesn't accept returns. Order cancellations must occur within 24 hours of order.

Customer Reviews

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I was able to get two different colors that I really like, very good for its purposes :)

We're glad you're happy with the colors you chose! Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy using our product.


They made a custom order for me and it shipped quickly, and the service was professional and the product was excellent, will order again!


This custom item was perfect. Exactly as ordered, plus it came with extra wrapping for security. Quality is outstanding, just what the ladies wanted, they could not be happier. The item matched the description perfectly, and has exceeded my expectations. The nice note was a nice complement to the order as was the gummy bears. The extra cap for the bottle is greatly appreciated. I will order again and again, great service, great product, great quality, could not be happier.!


Product is great but shipping needs some work!

We apologize for any issues you experienced with shipping. We're glad you find our product great, and we'll strive to improve our shipping process. Thank you for your feedback and support.


Customer left a 5-star review.

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