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We are a combat veteran owned and operated company. We are also an allergy friendly company. In fact, allergies are the reason this all started. One of our owners developed severe allergies and was having problem finding something safe to use during sex that did not have to constantly be reapplied. After-all, having an allergic reaction during sex effectively kills the mood (for a while), and having to stop to reapply was very annoying as it stopped the flow of sex.

So the other owner, started researching and found items that we could use to make what would be our product. The owners are big sci-fi fans, and so the second owner decided to add color to it (Green was the first color used followed by blue) to make it more fun. After talking to some friends about it that had similar problems, they had the owners make them a batch. They loved the product so much that they suggested that they owners sell it. The product was given to a few other friends who also enjoyed it, and with a lot of positive feedback the company was born. It was decided that Etsy would be where we would sell it, as you can find everything on Etsy. Truth be told, the owners were not expecting people to buy the product, but it soon took off.

Thank you to everyone who has helped the company grow. We appreciate all of the feedback!

Personal Favorites:

  • Green with Gold Shimmer – It looks just like what you would expect alien/reptile cum to look like and the gold swirls in the green lube is mesmerizing.
  • Blue – Blue is the owners favorite color. It also looks great with ovipositor eggs!
  • Pink with Silver Shimmer – Always makes us girls feel like a barbie doll. Makes us want to find our old barbies and a barbie pool and fill the pool with the pink shimmer.
  • Black – Just looks amazing!